Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Join Ngā Ngaru – New Zealand’s leading social value network

Ngā Ngaru is a national member based social value network within Aotearoa, driving equitable access to information and knowledge for all and positioning the social value network as a force for change.

Ngā Ngaru has the ability to harness and bring together the strengths of a multi sector network in a collaborative environment to gain maximum impact. Ngā Ngaru leverages strategic partnerships and alliances to advance the mission of ‘Strengthening whanau aspirations’. If you would like to connect with other groups, contribute at a national level, expand your linkages and access a multi- sector network of key organisations and associated resources, then join the social value network and experience the benefits.


Nga Ngaru is a national entity and its role is that of a
‘Value Network’.


Nga Ngaru aspires to excel as a valuable, effective and influential value network – “Spearheading the pathway to self determination”.


The mission of Nga Ngaru is to strengthen
whānau and families aspirations.

Stay Informed


Sir Howard Morrison Hunting/Fishing Comp

In memory of Sir Howard Morrison a community event of Hunters/Fisherman.
NZ Geographic

Consultation open on place name proposals

Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa consultation on eight proposals to alter the names of geographic features around the country.
National Housing

National Māori Housing Conference 2016

This 2016 National Māori Housing Conference (the fourth biennial event) will be held in Tauranga Moana from Thursday 29 September to Saturday 1 October 2016.

Business innovator to become head Ngapuhi

e Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi has gone for commercial experience in appointing its new chief executive.
Ministry of Environment

Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap

The Government is seeking public input for the development of its proposed conservation and environment science roadmap.

Moving the Māori Nation

Whānau, hapū and iwi Māori improving their lives through active participation and healthier lifestyles.
whanau ora

Whānau Ora at a Glance

Whānau Ora is an innovative whanau-centred approach to empowering whānau to achieve better health, education, housing, skills development and economic outcomes.
Land Reform

Te Ture Whenua Māori Reform

Te Ture Whenua Māori Bill is designed to safeguard the retention of Māori land and make it easier for Māori land owners to make decisions about how they use their land.

The chair of Auckland’s Independent Maori Statutory Board says he’s happy to pass further debate on the city’s Unitary Plan to the full council.

A minority of councillors had objected to presence of two Independent Maori Statutory Board members on the committee considering the plan delivered up by a government-appointed independent panel.

But David Taipari says the Auckland development committee today decided unanimously to endorse changes recommended by council officials and refer the plan back to the full council for consideration.

He says the recommendations were in line with what Maori wanted.

“The sites of value schedule was to be removed. The officials believe there was enough evidence to have that schedule in place so that should be retained and those sites put on that schedule, so that was a significant one we thought was well worth endorsing and we believe the committee supported that in order to go to the governing body to make the final decision,” Mr Taipari says.

The important thing is to have one set of rules for Auckland’s growth, rather then eight separate district plans.

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Nga Ngaru-  New Zealand’s leading value network

Nga Ngaru have positioned the value network for future success in the evolving provider environment by gathering input across member providers as well as other sources—on the key trends likely to impact the future of the network and on how the results of these trends may impact the work and mission of Nga Ngaru.

The vision, mission, and principles of Nga Ngaru remain central to the work and future direction of the value network. Find our more about each member here.

Core Values

NNR commits to its vision through a mission
based upon the following values