Diane Tuari – CEO

Ngati Porou Ki Hauraki Harataunga, Ngati Ranginui

Diane has a long history working in development initiatives and innovation for communities having held a number of senior management roles in both non government and government sectors. Diane has extensive experience in Maori urban development. She was the settlor for NUMA (National Urban Maori Authority) and Deputy CEO of Waipareira for several years. Previous to this Diane worked in parliamentary services. Today Diane heads Nga Ngaru Rautahi o Aotearoa as the CEO, spearheading the kaupapa of the value network.

Diane’s previous work, together with her networks with other indigenous groups and her relationship with the international ‘Forum for the Future’ network has positioned her well to lead the NNR national value network.

Diane Tuari

Meet our Board Members

NNR is governed by a four person Board of Directors whose responsibilities include long-term visioning, strategic planning, financial stewardship, policy formulation, CEO support and membership recruitment support.

Mere Blazer

Mere Balzer


martin Kaipo

Martin Kaipo

Deputy Chair

Norm Dewes

Norm Dewes


George Ngatai


Our Vision

NNR envisions a future where the membership is well connected, supportive of one another, and recognized for sustained collaboration and sharing of resources. To ensure maximum impact, NNR will leverage strategic partnerships and alliances to achieve the mission of ‘Strengthening Whanau aspirations’.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

We believe that we are more effective working together and collaboratively and that we can accomplish more collectively than we can independently. There is strength in numbers.

We believe that we will strengthen the impact by working collaboratively with other sectors including business and government.

We recognize the value that diverse sectors bring to the well being of whānau and communities and we honor that    diversity.

We believe in the right of self-determination within a framework of accountability and we work to facilitate and preserve that right.

We practice and model principles and practices for equity and excellence and believe that adherence to such principles and practices will lead to a higher level of accomplishment, accountability, and sustainability.

We believe that the health and vitality of NNR is directly and positively influenced by the participation and engagement of our members in their activities.

We believe that people who are affected by decisions and actions have a right and a responsibility to be part of them. We will seek member input and be responsive to members.

We use resources to make things happen that we want to have happen. We do what we say and we will invest where we need to invest to advance the NNR kaupapa.

We bring hope, perseverance and tenacity to our work. We believe that we can make a difference.

We promote practices which strengthen whanau aspirations and improve whānau outcomes.